Look the Part book the part AND SELF TAPE SERVICES

*Self Tapes are by REFERRAL ONLY


You would never start rolling without last looks, so why would you audition or take headshots without doing the same?

Hi and welcome! I'm Alyssa and am proud to be a working actress. I've come to offer Image Consulting by doing it unknowingly for friends for years. I would find myself teaching makeup lessons, making wardrobe choices for auditions, looking at headshots and resumes to help friends realistically assess their true castability. Think of me as-- your super honest best friend mixed with a manager. I can't get you auditions or an agent but can make you look great when you meet with them!

I have been on set in front of and behind the camera numerous times. I am a makeup artist and have been onset as both makeup and wardrobe. Makeup and wardrobe are vital to a production as they help the actor make the character come to life.  

I've also had the honor of being a casting assistant for two of L.A.'s most inspiring Casting Directors, Ricki G. Maslar, CSA and Julie Gale. From them I learned the importance of casting and how it can make or break a film. After reading with actors, looking at headshots and learning how casting makes their top choices to send to producers, I got a true understanding of how casting works and what makes the booking actor stand out. It's not just about the performance, it's about the essence of YOU. The real, living, breathing human. That's what I want to help you capture so you can present your true self in a way that makes you desirable to casting directors.

I have had multiple friends that I will now call clients, that I have gladly and successfully consulted. In today's ever-changing market (thank you web/streaming content!) there are so many more opportunities, which means more competition, which means you need to have a true competitive edge. Let me help you find your true and specific castability so you can first book the role to get you going, then altering it to get you the roles you want.

As an actor, you have to be "on" 100% of the time. It's not enough anymore to be a great actor, you have to be the complete package. Whether you have an agent meeting or general, auditioning for a soap series regular role or auditioning for the co-star victim in a gritty 1-hour drama, you must look the part, head to toe. 

You would never go to set without going through makeup and wardrobe, so why would you take headshots, go to an audition or go to a workshop without doing the same? 

I look forward to hearing from you!





Services start with a sit down of an assessment of your current materials to see what is and isn't working in your favor. We discuss what you are being called in for, what you would like to be called in for and feedback from both your agents and casting directors. From there, we develop a game plan to work with your agent to improve your image of how casting sees you and we will likely find a trend. We first do a makeup lesson to style you for a fresh commercial look and a slightly more polished look, this will work for sitcom/dramas. I assess your current wardrobe (in your home or via Skype), create options for you for your headshots and go-to wardrobe choices for commercial and film/tv auditions based on the characters of what you are actually being called in for. We talk head to toe, from what earrings you will work best and why to what shoe and bag and why. Trust me, it makes a difference. What you wear to one won't be the same for the other. Once you get your new headshots, I help you go through your proofs to find the best and most castable shots. Even if you have a last minute audition, I want my clients to feel comfortable to send me an entire outfit picture of what they plan on wearing. I'll always be here for you!

  • Career overview, wardrobe selection, makeup lesson, aid in selecting final headshots and if needed, a shopping outing up to one hour, $250



I also offer coaching for actors. I prefer live coaching but am open to Skype/Facetime coaching. There is something so personal about being an actor and working with your scene partner live in person. We go over every detail, from scene breakdown and interpretation, to what you will wear and how you will do your makeup dependent on the character. Be sure to check out Testimonials under the Last Looks Imaging tab. 

  • Self tapes + COACHING

  • $75 for one hour self tape and coaching session, plus wardrobe makeup/wardrobe consultation for the audition prior to taping. This does not include actual makeup application, merely suggestions on how to style yourself for the audition.

  • $45 for 1/2 hour session of self tape and coaching.



  • $30 for a 30 minute session, you receive a full edited version sent to you and your reps.

  • $50 for a one hour session.

    • Note, please be clear with needs. Self taping is merely you coming to me already having done the work and we do as many takes as you need until you're satisfied with your performance. This does not include coaching.


"Alyssa is by far the best in town. I've tried many self-taping services in my time in Los Angeles and she is hands-down the best. She genuinely cares and does everything she can to make sure that you feel comfortable and that you are ready to kill your audition.  Not only does she offer several different services but she offers one service that you will not find anywhere in town, and that service is that you're going to feel like you're working with a friend, and you can't beat that. I highly recommend her and trust me, I've tried them all :) Much love!"

Carlos Pratts, Actor, Producer (McFarland, USA, The Bridge, Aquarius)






"Alyssa has been my “Go To Girl” for several years.  She has helped me with my acting career in so many ways. I am not sure what I would do without her. 

I always get an overwhelming feeling right before I take headshots. “What should I wear?” “What is my type?” “I only get three looks, I need to get it right!”  Alyssa puts me at ease throughout the process and selects the perfect wardrobe from my closet.  She has a great eye and experience in casting, so she is also been extremely helpful in selecting the best picture from my photoshoots.

I have hired Alyssa as my makeup artist countless times and I will continue to do so because she is one of the best in town. She gives me a soft, natural look that makes me feel both beautiful and confident.

When I get auditions, that overwhelming feeling comes up again.  Alyssa is always there to coach, put me on tape and again put me at ease.  I have received several callbacks thanks to her. Alyssa is creative, reliable, personable and knowledgeable in the entertainment business.   She takes the time and truly cares for the best result of her clients.  Words cannot express my gratitude of all of her help." Allison Costello, Actress, Producer, Los Angeles


Kimberly Stebbins Headshot

"First of all, let me say, I HATE HEADSHOTS!! In addition to that little fact, I also have never had a good headshot session. I've spent thousands upon thousands to make my headshots work, but alas, I am always disappointed. This was the main reason I decided to meet with Alyssa (besides the fact that she is incredibly sweet and so positive to be around). Alyssa took the time to go through every little detail as well as address the things about past sessions I didn't like so we could be certain to avoid them this time around. She went through my wardrobe, talked with me about my desired looks, my type and the makeup that would seal the deal. She helped me organize everything so we would be ready to make the shoot day seamless and fun. In addition to all this, she listened to me about what I wanted do wo with my makeup handmade me feel like a more beautiful version of myself. It's so nice to work with a passionate and giving person who cares so much about helping actors live up to their full potential!" Kimberly Stebbins, Actress, Los Angeles

"Working with Alyssa as my Image Consultant was so beneficial. She really helped me establish the looks I needed to match my casting type. She has assisted me with wardrobe, down to the fine details of accessories and with her being a makeup artist, she gave me fantastic tips and advice for my makeup for both castings and my headshot session. Headshot sessions are so crucial to get right, and having the trust in someone who really knows what they are doing to help you achieve the looks you need is such a weight off your shoulders, particularly on what can be a very stressful day. I couldn't be happier with the work she has done with. I value her opinion and advice, because she has only ever been honest." Victoria Thompson, Actress, London, Los Angeles


"After countless headshot sessions and money thrown away, I just couldn't seem to find the look that my agents wanted. Luckily I found Alyssa! Not only is she a talented working actress, incredible makeup artist, but she works daily with the top casting directors in the busies so she knows exactly what they are looking for. She gave me the best advice on branding myself, and FINALLY I got some headshots my agents loved! More importantly, I learned how to cultivate my look to reinforce the roles I am auditioning for. If you feel stuck, don't stress- just go see Alyssa." Chelsea Blechman, Actress, Model, Writer, Los Angeles 

"If you're looking for help when it comes to last minute prep for auditions, look no further than Alyssa! I got a notice in the late afternoon for an audition for the following morning which needed a character style outside of my current wardrobe, and Alyssa was not only to help me over the phone suggesting clothes that looked right for the part, but also directed me to stores where I could find those pieces for a great price. AND THEN she even had me send pictures of the items I was able to find; not he shelf prior to trying them on to see if I should even bother with it, and then pics wearing the items so she could weigh in on what looks best. She puts in a lot of effort, even to her clients that aren't able to meet up with her personally. I was extra confident the following morning and looked sharp! I'll definitely be using Alyssa's services again in the future, particularly whine comes to last minute style-advice emergencies. And gentlemen, it can never hurt having a stylish woman give you tips on what you look attractive in. (And if you're curious, she knows her stuff when it comes to make up and/or skin care, too.") Patrick Donahue, Actor, Writer, Los Angeles




"Self taping with Last Looks Imaging has helped my career dramatically. Even though I was completely prepared, Alyssa still helped me find that extra spark that got me in with producers and then pinned. I wouldn't recommend any other place. Besides, they have a very quick turn around. I had my self tape within an hour." Andres De La Fuente, Actor, Los Angeles




"I've been an actor for 14 years in Los Angeles and while I've had wardrobe assist me on-set, I've never had anyone help me for a photo shoot. What a difference it makes! I told Alyssa about the characters I was looking to represent and she selected from my own wardrobe items that were going to work on camera and that would help suggest these characters without looking costume-y. She even suggested the right accessories! When I showed up for the shoot I was so prepared and there was no second-guessing or last minute changes, which reduced my stress. I felt confident about the details so I could focus on the acting and give the photographer all my energy. As a result, I have have a range of photos showing five great characters all shot in one day!" Dufflyn Lammers,  actress, Los Angeles 

"I'm a a new mom and getting ready with a one-year-old can be challenging. I hadn't gone shopping in a while and honestly don't enjoy the process. I told Alyssa, I don't want to be in sweatpants all day taking care of my baby, I want to feel good when I do it, too! Alyssa took me shopping, added key and fun pieces to my closet and taught me how to put them together and how to style it. So now, I have go-to outfits I don't have to think about, whether I am taking care of my baby around the house or running errands. I love that I can swap things in and out, add a cute accessory and be functional but fashionable." Lauren Charros, New Mom, Houston