Catch me on The Guest Book 2-episode premiere, tonight on TBS!

Hey y’all!

So remember that one day I closed a play Saturday night, then went to one set Monday morning and another set Monday night? Well, this is one of the shows! Be sure to catch me playing Jen in episode 2 of the 2-episode season premiere, tonight, only on TBS!


I hope y’all enjoy!! It was my first time playing a mom!

XX, Alyssa

Season 2 Trailer for Conversations in L.A.

Hello all! Check out the trailer for my latest project, Conversations in L.A. I play Sonya in the season's second episode, "Compton Girl." It was a project I found to be worth the investment of time and I was so grateful for the challenge of finding the delicate balance of where a larger than life character lives on screen. The stakes are incredibly high and took so much energy and hope y'all enjoy watching it as much as I did working on it! I saw the final take and had that "woah, is that really me?" moment. That was really cool. Written and directed by Anne-Marie Cummings. 

Red Carpet makeup look

Here are the products I used to achieve my red carpet look for the Baker's Man screening in Los Angeles. I had posted this look on Instagram and had so many compliments and people inquiring what I used. So here it is! <3 

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