Alexa and Katie. When Tiffani Theissen gives you her blessing, you gladly accept.

So grateful to have worked on my first multi-cam, Alexa and Katie! You can catch me on season 2 having fun with Alexa and Katie. 


So you know how they say, everything always works itself out… 

I had had an actor meltdown literally an hour before the audition came in. And I don’t even know why, I was working on am amazing play with such talented people, I was booked on The Guest Book and was shooting the following week, everything going for me. So then two auditions come in, I’m as happy as a clam, free, vining super high and then I got pinned within two hours. I was like, omg, I can’t believe they can work around my other booking! … So I was released from my pin. Then the next day, they wanted to confirm me and they said they’d work it all out! See. Everything works out how it’s supposed to! Thank you, Universe! <3

So never did I ever think this is how I would close my show: I went to the table read Friday morning, was out and closed my show Friday and Saturday, wrap party Sunday, then back to rehearsal for Alexa and Katie Monday morning and they released me early to go work on The Guest Book which was a night shoot. Tiffani Theissen even said, “you’re going from set to set! You are living the actor dream!” And when Tiffani gives you her blessing, you gladly accept it!

The Alexa and Katie production was amazing and they gave me a later call time as they knew I had an overnight shoot. I shot my segment, and they invited me to come to the live audience taping the following day. I’m so grateful for everyone working everything out.

My biggest takeaway was stay present, not being attached to any dialogue because those jokes change on the fly. That favorite one line you have from the audition? Might be re-written. Who knows. Not only do you need to know your part in the story and your dialogue because your dialogue may change on a multi-cam, but more importantly, you need to listen for re-writes for your leads.

Working on the play was the best decision I made this year. I played three characters, and had to have quick transitions into the next person. This really helped me literally go from set to set and settle in to each new character quickly. 


And, last but not least, going to the live taping was such a magical experience. Just seeing how many people are fans of the show and their reactions to everyone, was incredible. Many thanks to Stiner/Block casting and the amazing writers.

Tune in on Netflix!! I’m in Episode 2! <3

Xox, A