Univision Interview!

Hey guys! So during Thanksgiving, I was so flattered to be asked by a Houston contact to do an interview for CuentameMas at MiTu/Unvision. I told the guy who asked me, “I speak Selena Spanish… Spanglish. I don’t know if I can have an entire conversation in Spanish. ” And he said, not a problem. “Selena Spanish is TV gold.”

Osvaldo and I were running over what we were going to talk about as far as career goes, etc, and let him know I felt more comfortable speaking English. Then we started rolling… and here is what came out. Selena Spanish for the win! Who says that a first-generation Mexican-American Millenial must speak perfectly in both English and Spanish? Unless we’re speaking both everyday (which I don’t!), some words are hard to search for. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share some insight for actors of how to make the transition from your hometown to Hollywood. I hope this gives some of you inspiration! Here is the interview on Youtube. Thank you so much, Osvaldo!

Oh, I forgot to mention my movie, Baker’s Man which is available on Amazon Prime!

Check out the interview on YouTube here or here:

*This post is not sponsored by Univision or any of it’s affiliates and sole intention is for hiring/casting purposes only.