Actress Alyssa Gabrielle Rodriguez

Hi friends!

Welcome to my website! This is an easy-to-navigate place if want to learn a little more about my work, career advice and beauty tips.

This home page will feature upcoming appearances on shows and the what not! Maybe a week or so in advance. ;) Everything else I share, if it's ambiguous, let it be-- I won't tell you till it comes out! :D

Things I am: Daughter, sister, friend, actress, observer, writer, makeup artist, experience have-er, opinion have-er, business-woman, Pinterest addict-- I need a Pintervention. (This is me asking for help.) 

All things I share are merely my experience and I hope you can relate. It's just a bit of insight of what I have learned over the past few years of navigating my way of being a working actress. I hope you find my page, and blog especially, to be insightful and full of sound advice. I would love to hear topics you would like to hear discussed! 


Alyssa ;) 


Theatrical, Commercial: O'Neill Talent Group,, 818-566-7717

Voiceover: Artistic Talent LA,, 213-359-2003