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I received a great review for Mr. Marmalade in Broadway World! 

It's a dark comedy about four-year-old Lucy and her imaginary friend, Mr. Marmalade, and things get very questionable, inappropriate and provocative. I was honored with the duty of playing Sookie, her mother who relies too much on men,  a quick (literally 20 second) change into Emily, Lucy's promiscuous but no-nonsense 14-year-old babysitter and an imaginary sunflower.  "Alyssa Rodriguez and Tyler Seiple both shine in their respective roles of Lucy's mother and Mr. Marmalade's personal assistant. Theirs are the play's most realistic roles that Rodriguez and Seiple most believable nail... Rodriguez, with her effective comic chops, also scores as Lucy's disinterested teenage babysitter Emily... Would love to see the rest of the cast, especially Rodriguez and Seiple, in another show...." The story was definitely dark, thought provoking, and may not exactly be easy to follow, but it was meant to leave the audience questioning the entire piece, start to finish. It's so interesting how a child can hear one thing and let their imagination run wild and go down either a happy place or a dark, dark hole... Sound familiar? I do the same with my Instagram stalking. Just being honest. Xox. A.